About jed POOL TOOLS

JED Pool Tools comes to the rescue for all your pool supply and accessory needs! Check out our JED catalog, which includes pool maintenance equipment--skimmers, leaf rakes, thermometers, pool vacuums, leaf sweeps, chlorinators, pool maintenance kits, through the wall skimmers, backwash hose and filter accessories, pool safety equipment, pool signs, repair kits, floating candles, pool fountains and so much more!


Here at JED Pool Tools is of paramount importance. We are immensly proud of the pool products we manufacture and that definitly shows in quality of everything we produce!


Without the skill to produce a top of the line product our goal of producing the highest quality pool supplies would be unreachable. Always striving to not just keep pace, but be a leader in the industry pushes us to constantly educate and improving our knowledge base in order to bring the best pool supplies to our customers.


Skill and quality are all for naught if you are not producing product in a conscientious way. Here at JED Pool Tools we pride ourselves on being a "Made in the USA' company that strives for a family oriented, positive work environment that is safe, moral and ethical on all fronts!

Our Company HISTORY

JED Pool Tools, Inc. is a Pool Maintenance Equipment Manufacturer and Distributor servicing the Pool Professionals and Pool Dealer Retail Stores since 1989. JED is owned and operated by Cindi and Alan Heyen and operates out of a 100,000+ square foot facility located in Scranton, PA.


JED has it all! Check out our JED catalog which includes our complete line of quality pool maintenance equipment:

Leaf Skimmers, Leaf Rakes, Thermometers, Vacuums, Wall Brushes, Automatic and Floating Chlorinators, Custom Maintenance Kits, Thru-the-Wall Skimmers, Vacuum Hose, Backwash Hose and Filter Accessories, Safety Equipment, Pool Signs, Repair Kits, Pool Fountains, Water Toys, and Lots More!


JED is noted for its outstanding and personal customer service as well as its timely and complete shipments. JED’s location provides next day to second day shipments to the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions.